What Music Means To Me


It can mean different things to different people, for me it helps me cope with my anxiety's.  I don't go anywhere without my music and headphones.  For some people it makes them feel happy, It can remind them of memories from a long time ago when they first heard that song/ album.  For others it can be a way of relieving anger by listening to rock/ heavy-metal bands.  It could also make them sad as they think about who they used to listen to a particular song with.  As I've said music is important to me and is probably just as important, if not more, to others.

I go through different phases of what i listen to, and it can change really frequently, 2 weeks ago i was actively listening to country music, today I'm listening to Rock music.  I've always grown up listening to bands like Queen (which i still love to this day) and music with a lot of guitar and drum solos in it, which i guess has had a big impact on the type of music i listen to.  My dad was always the one who be playing this kind of music and also playing along with it.  As I've grown up i have found that music has become extremely important in how i live everyday life, if i didn't have my music i don't think i would be able to go out into big, new places without majorly panicking.  It has also helped me have the best group of friends i could ever have, to share my passion of music with, as well as it helping me build up more self-confidence, by performing in front of my friends and at school concerts.

What sort of music do you like to listen to?  What does music mean to you?


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