Marianas Trench: How Their Music Helps Me!

As some of you may or may not know, I have recently been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ ME/ Chronic Fatigue and severe depression, and it has had a really negative effect on my life for the past 6 Months.  I haven't been to school for 8 weeks because of how bad it has become, but since listening to Marinas Trench it has help me deal with certain aspects of my life such as just getting out of bed and sleeping.

As I've mentioned in my previous post music really helps me to overcome and deal with things that would otherwise be impossible to do.  And one band has really helped me to deal with how I'm feeling (mentally).

The way i listen to music I think is quite strange, maybe its normal, I like to play the song and think about the music itself was written and how just the sound of the instruments make me feel.  Then after a while I listen purely to the lyrics and try to understand the message that is being conveyed through them, sometimes the 'message' (I used quote marks because it probably wasn't the message that the writer put in to the song, just my interpretation)  stands out clearly but other times its not so easy to understand.  After listening to the song and roughly understanding the message being conveyed, I usually look for the videos/ behind the scenes of that song to try and understand it more.

Obviously i don't do this with every song, a lot of the time i do it just because interests me, but after watching videos and behind the scenes to some of Marianas Trench's music I really started to connect with the lyrics and the music.  I have found that with their music it can have a different effect on you depending on what mood you are in, for instance, there have been times where i have been in tears to several of their songs, yet there have been times where i have been just belting it as a feel good song.

Things that i like about their music is...

  • Anyone can relate to at least some of the lyrics
  • Even the sad songs can make you feel good about something
  • It always has a good beat to it!!!

Here are some of my favourite songs and some of the songs that I feel I relate to the most:

Here's To All The Zeros

Who Do You Love

While We're Young

Masterpiece Theatre iii

Beside You

What bands/ artists help you through rough times?? Have you ever listened to Marianas Trench? If so whats your favourite track/ album???


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