My Music Corner

I spend most of my time in my room (as most teens probably do) so I have split my room into different sections for my different hobbies (when i say split i haven't put walls between each section).  I don't have a lot of spare space in my room but i try to make it work, i have space for: music, reading, school work, artwork, blogging.  As this month is music month i thought i would share my music corner with you so you can see where i practice.

In my corner I have a couple of cushions to sit on, although i am thinking of buying myself a beanbag to make it more comfortable,  a folder with all the songs that i can play, my capo and pick.
I also have my guitar which is the main instrument that i play, i also play the piano but i don't keep it in my room anymore.  I have only been playing the guitar for about 16 months, but i have been playing the piano, on and off, for about 5 years.  I am mainly self taught with a bit of help from my Dad.  And that's all i have in my music corner, I know its not very interesting but i thought 'why not?'.

Do you play instruments, if so what do you play?  If you don't play anything what instrument would you really love to learn?  


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