Changes To This Blog

Over the past couple of months I have been changing things through out my blog such as my blog name and what I have been blogging about.  I change my blog name because I had started to change what I was blogging about. My blog name used to be Laura: Life, Beauty, Fashion and I was going to blog mainly about theses three topics but the I found myself writing about different things that didn't fit into any of those topics, I also felt like the name wasn't really personal to me.  So I will be posting things that are a bit more personal to me as well as beauty, fashion and lifestyle related.

I will also be changing my posting schedule, i will still be having one post a week but i will be putting it up on a Sunday evening instead of a Wednesday, just because its easier for me to remember to post.  i will also be posting additional posts i feel like they are important and cant wait till the following week.

I hope you will be patient with me over the next few weeks as i am still sorting things out, and thank you for staying with me so far!


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