A Bit Of A Rant

As you can probably guess from the title I'm going to have a bit of a rant about something that has happened to me and, well, is still happening... BROTHERS.  I'm sure if you have a younger brother you will understand what i mean just by that word.  My brother is two years younger than me, and loves to wind me up but always takes it too far until he says something that really hurts, and i know i should just forget about it not react be snapping at, but i do react.  this always make things worse and i get to the point where i cant take it and have said some hurtful things back to him which has made me feel bad.

I had a conversation with my dad about it a while ago and he said  "When someone says something hurtful to someone they will walk of and never think about it again because it hasn't effected them, but the person who received the hurtful comment will hold onto it for a long time, whether they think about it continuously or not, until it builds up into something they cant handle any more and they could end up saying something hurtful to some one else out of anger.  and it continues in a vicious circle."  then he said  "You have to try to not let the comments its and i know it sounds hard but once you teach yourself not to these comment to heart and that they might have been where you are and just got angry then released everything onto you, it becomes a little easier to forgive them, rather than disliking/hating them for a long time"

I do agree with some of the things he has said but it definitely harder than it sounds, and it sounds hard!

If you have any advice for me on how to deal with it let me know in the comments.


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