I'm not majorly confident about myself but I have noticed over the past years that I have become more confident in myself.  I think confidence all come down to how we see ourselves, whether it's positive or negative it can all have an effect on how we behave.

thought I would share with you how I changed over the past year and what I did to make myself feel more confident.

Start of Year 9 (September-December)
At the start o year 9 I had just come back from having 8 months off school because of a medical reason. During those 8 months I didn't see many people, I would see my family and my friends once or twice a month.  Consequently I lost a lot of my social skills, so going back to school became very stressful.  Luckily when I went back o had all my friends around me who supported me ( even if they didn't know it). My conversational skill were also not great the most I would say is "hi" "how are you" and the other basic stuff.  

At this time I had gotten a bit better at talking to people but I still had that constant thought that people were judging me, even though that probably wasn't the case.  I was findin it easier to talking within my friend ship group but if I was in a class and had to answer a question infront of everyone, I found it hard.  

April-now (June)
April was the time I really started to feel comfortable saying anything, really, around my friends. I think there were two big factors to this: 1 I had to perform infront of around 50-70 people for a school concert. 2 my stepmom told me that whenever I start to feel down or not confident I should repeat these words : I'm fab, I'm confident and have nothing to worry about. I know I am not 100% confident yet, and I may never be 100% but at least I will be as close to it I can get.

Top 3 Tips:
~repeat positive words to yourself
~meet up with friends out side of school/ work
~do something outside your comfort zone


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