Product Review: Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

This facial cleanser is from the Tea Tree range at The Body Shop, I have tried a few other products from this range ( such as Tea Tree Cool and Creamy WashTea Tree Clearing Foaming Cleanser, Tea Tree Pore Minimiser) and really recommend it if you have blemished skin.

I have been using this facial scrub for about a year now and have definitely seen a difference in my skin.  I used to suffer with quite bad acne and had tried many different facial cleansers, but this one has worked the best for me.

It has small exfoliating beads that burst to help unclog an pores, without over drying your skin.  The tea tree acts as an antiseptic to help kill the bacteria on you skin.  It doesn't leave your skin dry or oily.  I find it works best if I use it every 1-2 days.


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