My Top 5 Instagram Accounts

Instagram has definitely become one of most used apps over the past 3 months.  Its becoming a bit of a problem, I wake up and I check it, I come back from school and I check it...etc.
This is in no particular order...

Cake: I think there's nothing better than scrolling through your feed and seeing a great picture of delicious cake. probably not the best thing to see if your hungry though.

ArtOfDrawing: They do amazing drawings and help get other smaller artists recognized.  As I draw and create picture I find this account great for inspiration for my own work.

Aysesivil: This account is full of amazing photography of landscapes from a range of places in the world.

CrazyRoomss: I am redecorating my room in the summer holidays and needed some inspiration so when I found this account I was really happy and it has definitely helped me to decide how to have my room.

ColorPostss: If you're looking for some colour on you Instagram feed then this is the account for you. From food to nail designs to cars.

These are my top 5 Instagram accounts. Let me know what your top 5 accounts are.

Thanks for reading.


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