January faves

January has definitely gone quicker that I thought.  These are a few of my favourites of this month that I can remember. (note to self: make list of faves throughout month)

1. Infinite sky is a great book (I'll try not to give much away) it's about a girl who live white her dad after her mum has left. A family of travellers camp in the fields next to their house and her dad isn't happy. Iris falls in love with one of the travellers (trick) but when her dad finds out there is trouble.

2. Lynx attract for her smells amazing. I use it on an every other day basis and I'm glad I have another one.

3. Nail wheel I'm glad to have this to practise on. I love painting nails but because of school I can't do my own. They do brake of easily I've found but they're brilliant to practise on.

4. So...? Kiss me I have used my second bottle of this perfume. I think I have 3 more in my cabinate because family and friends always seem to get me the same perfume.

5. Cranberry ice Yankee Candle it is more of a Christmassy/ winter scent but I don't care it smells so good.

6. Tea tree pore minimiser I love this primer I use it on an every day basis and it actually works. I have big pores on my nose and tops of my cheeks and after using it for 2 weeks my face is so much better.

7. Avène clearance k this moisturiser is for oily and blemish prone skin this is the best moisturiser I've ever use after using it for about 5 days my spots and break outs had cleared up and I have had less.

What have your favourite products / items been this month?

Thanks for reading 


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