20 facts about me


so i thought this weeks post would be about get to know me a bit better. so here are a few facts...

  1. I am 13 years old
  2. I am dyslexic
  3. I'm (a bit) obsessed with the T.V. show Hollyoaks
  4. I love crime dramas
  5. I have the same birthday as David Beckham and Lilly Allen
  6. I have 5 sister and 2 brothers
  7. I like cold coffee
  8. I'm shy until you get to know me
  9. My favourite colours are baby blue, teal and magenta
  10. I sing a lot of the time
  11. I get sun burned easily
  12. I have two hamsters. One called Fudge and the other called Gizmo
  13. I am quite artistic
  14. For 3 Years I have been suffering with a hip problem
  15. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to arty stuff
  16. If i like a book i will insist on reading it all no matter what the time is
  17. When i was younger i wouldn't go any where without a jumper or cardigan 
  18. I wear rose tinted bi-focals
  19. I petrified of needles , at one point i couldn't even mention the word or i would freak out
  20. I have a niece

leave some facts about yourself in the comments box.


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