cute hamster: fudge

I have never had a pet before and I have always been slightly scared of animals, so it was a big step when I decided to actually get a pet.  I've always been told to that to over come your fears you must do whatever it is that scares you.  For years I never understood why everyone was saying that, it seemed silly to do something that scared you, now I understand what was meant by that.  It makes sense now because if you do face your fears then you won't be afraid any more, or at least less afraid.

 When I first got Fudge I didn't have a clue what to call him so I spent ages looking on the Internet for a name and finally came across fudge witch I thought suited him nicely as he is a brown-grey colour.  When we first put him in his cage, he stayed in his box for about 6 hours then moved straight into his house.

After a couple of days he seemed quite settled and happy to wander about in his cage and come to say hello to me if I came to the cage.

Yesterday I managed to get him into his ball while I cleaned out his house and cage.  He was quite nervous and didn't move around much.  I put my hand to the ball so he could smell me so he decided to lick me instead, it made me jump as he's never licked me until then.  We left him in his ball for about 10 mins then took him out and put him in his house.  For the next 2 hours he kept running on his wheel.

When I came down this morning I found him asleep under his wheel, and his bedding from his house was no longer in there but mixed in with the wood shavings.


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