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I would apologise but what's the point.

As you've probably figured out I haven't posted in a while and I might not post for a while after this which is why I'm not going to apologise anymore if I did every blog post would start with an apology and I can't be bothered with that if I'm honest.  It may not seem like it but I really do miss this blog, I miss having a set time to write and express myself, but life is a little hectic what with having a job and college and trying to apply for university etc.  I have no content planned what so ever and the ideas I have now I will probably forget about because I'm useless at writing that sort of stuff down, but who knows maybe this academic year will allow me to post on here more, or maybe it will hinder it.  Who knows, cause I don't.  If I had the time to write about everything I'm passionate about or have an interest in, then I would have plenty of content to fill this little internet space... And maybe I will start writing about those topics more. …

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